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Registration FAQS

Q. Why does registration happen so far ahead of the actual season start date?

A. In order to appropriately place all our teams, we must notify the league of our team requirements in early July for Fall and early January for Spring.We also must determine our field and coaching needs for the coming season, even for our younger in-town program. Often in the past our players have outnumbered the available places on the age appropriate team and we have been forced to turn away players.

Q. Are there differences in registration policies by age group?

A. Yes, there are some differences by age group:

  • Pre-K: The Pre-K program is available for all children who turned 5 years old by August 31st. This program is run in both Fall and Spring. Registration will remain open until the season starts, with no late fee, but it is strongly recommended that players sign up early. 
  • U6 through U8 (K through 2nd Grade): Registration will remain open until the season starts, but it is strongly recommended that players sign up early. There is no late fee for Pre-K through U8. 
  • U9 through U14 Travel Teams (3rd Grade through 8th Grade): After the end date, a $25 late fee will apply. Late registrations will be allowed only if there is room on an appropriate team.

Q. What will I need to complete the registration process?

A. Besides payment information (see below), SYSA requires a copy of a birth certificate for all first time-registered players. This must be mailed separately to complete the registration process. Please mail to SYSA, PO box 132, Southborough, MA 01772

Q. What is the fee for my child to play?

A. The per-season registration fee is $125 for U5-U7 age groups and $175 for U8-U14. This includes a Southborough Recreation User Fee of $15 per player. There is also a non-refundable $25 late fee which is automatically applied after the last date of registration for U9-U14. There is no late fee for Pre-K thru U8.

Q. What kind of payment methods are available?

A. You may pay by credit card only. Please contact the Registrar with any questions. 

Q. Is there any financial assistance provided to help with registration fees?

A. SYSA will not deny a child the opportunity to play soccer in the program for financial reasons. During registration, there will be a place where you can request a waiver for scholarship.

Q. What is SYSA's refund policy?

A. Requests for refunds must be made in writing or by email to the Registrar. A conflict with other sports or being dissatisfied with the player's team assignment does not trigger a refund. A full refund including any late fees will be issued to players not placed due to space limitations. There is no refund provided after the season begins.

Q. What if my child needs a uniform?

A. See the Uniform page for payment and style information. 

Q. I heard that for the travel leagues, there is a placement process that groups players. How does that work?

A. See the SYSA Operating Guidelines for detailed information on player placement information. Any additional question can be directed to the SYSA Registrar at [email protected] Please include your name and phone number so that we can follow up to you as needed.