Age Group Coordinators

Age Group Coordinators are your primary contact for questions related to age groups, teams, and coaching. 


Grade Coordinator Email
Pre-K Srijith Veettil [email protected]
K Srijith Veettil [email protected]
2 Srijith Veettil [email protected]
3 Terri Grogan [email protected]
7/8 Kevin Poultney [email protected] 



Grade Coordinator Email
Pre-K and K Srijith Veettil
1 Tanya Zakharava [email protected]m
2 Jamie Mieth [email protected]
3 Lisa Fruhan [email protected]
4 Naveen Bensily [email protected]
5/6 Sean Murray [email protected]
7/8 Grade B-Team Tom Khoury [email protected]
8th Grade A-Team Deirdre Coughlin [email protected]


Age Group Information

For more information on age groups, please see the following link: BAYS Age Groupings for 2018/2019

For questions about age groups, contact your age group coordinator or SYSA Registrar: Ellen Faherty at [email protected]